Love at the Sawmill

Love at the Sawmill

Pages: 168

Format: Kindle Edition

Author: Cordelia Zynn

3.61 of 36

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On Sunday morning, Tiffany Dennis is the picture of femininity with her long hair flowing down the back of her sundress as she and her ailing mother attend church. In contrast, throughout the workweek she trades in dainty sandals for steel-toe boots, dons denim clothing and secures her ponytail beneath a hardhat to operate the sawmill she inherited from her dad. Wyatt Mattey is the timber buyer for a large chain sawmill. He accuses her of monopolizing the timber in the area by using scare tactics to discourage landowners from selling to his company. She refutes that but cannot deny her attraction to him. Wyatt steps in to help after a logging accident seriously injures a man on her crew. Tiffany knows this could be dangerous in an occupation where she needs to be alert instead of daydreaming about the handsome stranger. When someone sabotages the sawmill, she starts to have second thoughts about Wyatt, but it’s too late… she has already lost her heart to him.

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