ISBN: 0393931390

ISBN 13: 9780393931396

Publication Date: October 01, 2008

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Pages: 229

Format: Paperback

Authors: Molière, Constance Congdon, Virginia Scott

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Tartuffe, or the Imposter is a comedy in five acts and in verse by Molière, and one of his most famous plays. It was condemned and banned from the stage for five years by the outcry of the « dévots », who were very influential at the kings court in Molière’s day. Tartuffe is a satire on religious hypocrisy. The religious fraud Tartuffe, a penniless scoundrel, worms his way into the rich merchant’s Orgon’s affections and household, blinding the master of the house with his religious « devotion » and counterfeit zeal. He almost succeeds in his attempts to seduce Orgon’s wife, marry his daughter and drive away his son before the final unmasking.

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